Who made a Korean act overbearingly in Japan? ②


There was strong opposition to annexation of Korea at that time.

Japanese national budget 15% was given to Korea for 35 years.

What for? There were no schools and university in Korea, so Japan established 10,000 schools.

There was strong opposition to annexation of Korea at that time.

Japanese national budget 15% was given to Korea for 35 years.

What for? There were no schools and university in Korea, so Japan established 10,000 schools.

There was established Keijyo Imperial University of the same social rule as Tokyo Imperial University that give best learning for Koreans, that was Seoul National University in the present.

It was the university for Korean not for Japanese.

Japanese entered a little, though.

That was established earlier than Hokkaido Imperial University.

There were established medical university, medical college, Girl’s High school and technical college, and 600 teacher schools. Teacher school is the school to become a teacher. Because there was nothing in Korea, nothing to take away.

Why do Koreans say Korea was made a colony? There was noting to take away from Korea. There was scarcely populated and no hygiene concepts, and Korean medical treatment was only the superstition, which prays a head of a pig.

Korean’s 90% was illiteracy then, but already, the people of 90% could write Japan in the Edo Period.

Even a farmer, a merchant and a carpenter could read and write.

There were no needle and wheel in Korea, on the other hand in the Edo Period large cart was shipping the baggage and was engaging in business one after another in Japan, Korean could not make even a wheel.

So, Korean men carried baggage weigh 250 kg and women 150 kg.

Women put the heavy water jar on the head, and men carried the baggage so that a body wasn’t seen any more. What is taken away from such country?

Neither industry, modern agriculture nor the rice growing in those days.

So Japanese taught agriculture and made sure that rice could be harvested in Korea.


Merger of Japan and the Republic of Korea continued for 35 years until a surrender of allied powers by the Government-General of Korea in 1945 from August 29, 1910. It was increased for 25,120,000 people that the population of the Korea was 13,120,000 in 35 years in 1944 from 1910, and the population increased more than 2 times. (By 1920 natural census, 17,264,119 people. By 1944 estimation, 25,120,000 people)

All owe to Japan. The hygiene and medical treatment were well, and profit rose, and the population acquired the culture, and increased double. What do you say you took away from a Korean?

Japan as gave as could, nothing took away from Korea.

Again, Koreans have to consider the truth. It is the fearful sophistry “Japan made colony”.

What in the world are they saying? It is the colony that is plundered goods, colonial people don’t become an officer in the suzerain, but an officer of the Government-General of Korea is Korean of all the members. Japanese established schools and educated a Korean, so illiteracy have disappeared in Korea.

 This is famous talk, but Pak Jung-heui of a Korean former president is from the slave class. Korean class systems are a king, an aristocrat, a commoner and a slave. Over the population of the Korean and 50% are slave.

In those days Korean aristocrat habited slaves write and read if slaves could it, they would threaten to cut off their hands.

And they habited to call the last name and to make a grave and let as a slave for their life. In the Yi-Dynasty age Korean slave was said to be the dirtiest spurned one.

It’s Japan that a slave was freed. The population of Korea is more than half is slaves. An aristocrat class often discriminated and spited slaves. When the slave having a meal at a dining room is found, an aristocrat come and knocks down suddenly. He shouts, “Get out!”  A Korean has false name Okumura said. When a slave is found, an aristocrat knocks off suddenly, slave receives such handling even now.

Japan freed slave class. There were also no police in Korea. Because, an aristocrat was talking big. If an aristocrat told that caught and made it a penalty of flagellation!” “Make that a death penalty!” because people are sent as it. people were not protected. Because they were mere aristocrat’s possession.

 An aristocrat often beautiful women and rice everything was taken away, Koreans have been a bum. All were taken away by an aristocrat this way.

The police system was made and not to torture slave and stop to be illogical completely are Japan.

Korean medical treatment, it was only the magic that prays a head of a pig and dances away. There was only such medical treatment. This is the fearful difference that Japan and Korean, actually. It’s Japan that I made them stop all superstition, discrimination and torture.

Koreans had no hygiene concepts at all and also had no water supply and sewerage. One stream was used as water supply and sewer, they distinguished not between water supply and sewer, surprisingly!

In Japan, it was divided into sewage and water supply already in the Edo Period but it wasn’t in Korea.

Japan also made water supply and sewage, and even they could not make simple road because there are no cars, only man should pass. There were only dirty shacks.

Japan taught the best construction, and make beautiful house and school built of brick 10,000 schools, a Korean doesn’t thank. There is nothing taken away from a Korean. Though why do you say “It was made a colony.”?

LDP also knew such thing. Though why did you say “It was a colony.”? That continues for 70 years after the war, and even Mr. Masatoshi Muto of Tanokami Excellency and a former Korean ambassador, Rui Matsukawa of LDP and a considerable expert like a Mr. Shintaro Ishihara “The Korea was made a colony.”, and I have to correct the recognition.








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