【FM144】メジャープラネタリーアップデート パートI (対決と強化) 2019.4.9

MAJOR PLANETARY UPDATE – PART I (Confrontations and Reinforcement)

MAJOR PLANETARY UPDATE – PART I (Confrontations and Reinforcement)

Major Update will be divided into two parts. This First Part deals mainly with
events that have taken place lately, especially on the non-physical planes on
and around Planet Terra. The Second Part, published later, will point out the
effects of these events on the planet and its population.

It is
always important to note that the main struggle of the Liberation of the
Planet does not take place on the physical plane, although, of course, a
lot of things are happening there. The Light and Dark Forces have
physically incarnated many of their people who are setting a lot of
things materially
motion. The Chimera is incarnated in human bodies; Draconians,
Reptilians and other entities as well… but the main part of them is
located on the non-physical
planes. This also applies to the Light Forces. The Pleiadians, for
example, may
not physically land on the Earth’s Surface yet, but they can operate

The entry on this blog from March 11th was about a Major Event that took place


event was a Major Confrontation between the Light Forces and the Chimera mainly
on a non-physical level. The outcome of this confrontation caused a disruption
in the command structure of the Dark Ones, which cannot be discussed in detail yet.
Let’s just say certain orders from above no longer come as easily from top to
bottom as they did before.

But this was not the only clash between Light and Dark Forces that took
lately. There was also a large cleaning inside the grid, removing
forces that were more likely to act in the occult area and have recently
major problems. These forces also contributed significantly to the fall
of Atlantis and have already been mentioned on this blog to some extent:


is also interesting to note that due to the fact that during past weeks there have been
an enormous number of cleanings and operations of the Light Forces on a
non-physical level, abnormal weather phenomena (especially in connection with
vortices) have occurred around and after the March Equinox at certain energetically
important places on the Earth’s Surface:

Translate with Google: https://canaryo.net/portal/tornado-vor-los-cristianos/?mode=grid

many already know, the Cosmic Central Race has arrived and is observing the
Liberation Process of Terra at close range. But that’s not all. The Light
Forces gave permission to introduce another race that recently arrived at Terra
to support the Liberation.

The Felines:

Felines are a wildcat-like race of High Consciousness and pure Light and Love.  Nevertheless, these beings should not be
underestimated, since they are also a Cosmic Elite Warrior Race, whose
speciality is to hunt down Dark Ones and their companions. The Felines exist both
on a physical and non-physical level. They can appear energetically in human
form, but can turn into a wildcat at any time, for example into the form of a
Black Panther when they switch to battle mode, as indicated in the Marvel Movies,
although severely distorted of course.

(The Marvel Films are severely distorted
by the Cabal, but of course expose some things: Captain America – genetically
modified Super Soldiers; Red Skull/Hydra – Occult Nazi Forces/Operation Paperclip/Illuminazi
Fraction inside the US; S.H.I.E.L.D. – Black Projects/SSP; Winter Soldier – MK
Ultra; Doctor Strange – Supreme Magic/Portal teleportation/Battles on
non-physical level; Black Panther – Breakaway Civilizations/Suppressed technologies/Felines…
more or less; GOTG – Space Piracy; Captain Marvel – severely distorted
representation of the Pleiadians/Ashtar Command and the Draco/Reptile Forces
with enormous political agenda; Avengers Infinity Wars – Archon Invasion;

Like most Hollywood products, these movies are full of occult symbolism and brain-washing
negative energies, so, if you really need to watch it, you’d better protect
yourself energetically beforehand and then separate and cleanse yourself

Felines can enter the grid non-physically to hunt down Dark Ones. They move
between the plains in wildcat form and search for negative beings with their
extremely well-developed senses. They are absolutely self-confident and do not
feel fear in any way. From their point of view, it’s an absolute waste of time
and energy to fear anything, and every divine being must be able to defend
itself against any kind of negativity. The Felines are highly spiritual, calm,
loving, and also very sexual. But they also know how to defend themselves as well as how to deal with Dark Ones.


they detect negative beings, they literally hunt them down and shred them like wildcats
would do with their prey in the wild. This is also the reason why the Archons
are extremely afraid of them.

So, there is always someone out there who has more to offer than you! This is especially true for the Chimera and the
Archons, which is why they have to hide behind Toplet Bombs.

Felines can also incarnate physically on Earth’s Surface. One can recognize
them by the fact that they like sporty clothes (women like to wear skin tight
clothes). They do a lot of body training, maybe also Martial
Arts, both men and women.

They also have a strong connection to
Ancient Egypt, the positive part of it, of course, which is one of the
reasons why there are so many cat symbolisms from that time.

Here is a short YT-Clip about the Felines, where it was confirmed by the Light
Forces that especially the first 4 minutes are 100% accurate:


addition to the Felines, other positive groups have also arrived, but these may
be reported at a later date. The Dark Ones are also trying to order
reinforcements from Space, as there are still a few negative residual powers hiding
out there, some of which will follow the call, but that won’t cause much

There has also been a third confrontation in the last few days, which is more
about Negative Female Forces suppressing positive Goddess Energy on Terra, but this will
be covered in Part II of this update.

Let’s just say this much, it has become much easier for the Light Forces now to
perform certain operations on the Earth’s Surface. Also the number of
revelations and exposure of negative physical groups increases more and more, including
the Black Nobility.

It has also become a lot safer for the Goddess Energy now to come back
to Earth
and bring urgently needed healing to torn humanity and Starseeds to
prepare them for First Contact. This will happen via Goddess Walk-ins,
but more about that in the second part of this Major Planetary Update,
which will be about the Return of the Maries/Goddesses.

Let’s finish this First Part with a corresponding video by TruthEarthOrg:



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